Nerrobrown (Biography of a new rising star)

Emenike Edward (listen; born 14 February 1990) From the family of Mr. Edward Okoro of Ama eze Okpanku town in Ana Nri, Enugu State Local Government Area, Nigeria, known professionally as nerrobrown, is a rapper , Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. , regarded as one of the fastest rising African rappers and seemingly one of the most unique African rappers, he is organized and unique. Born in Enugu State, Nerrobrown was born and raised in the Federal Capital Territory FCT of Abuja, Nigeria. He started his music career as a producer in 2012 and is known for rapping in commercial languages like English and also Igbo, Pigin English and other possible language ranges that he can apply. His first studio single (Boju Boju By Nerrobrown) was released in 2016. It was supported by the singles "ell by nerro",

 Originally from Enugu State, Emenike Edward was born and raised in Abuja. His stage name, given to him by himself and always his most popularly known name, is derived from the word Brown. Nerrobrown developed an interest in music production during his childhood watching his mother sing and his high school days. He initially wanted to become a graphic designer, but was told he could be an actor because of his fun attitude. Additionally, he had designing skills in both website development and graphics, and yet during high school he learned to play the drums and piano while always. rapping in class and making almost all the students dance for him while he did his thing. He also learned to create his own style in every recording he listened to. You just have to start waiting for the next big thing.

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